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Louisa Bracq - Albanach Wired Spacer Bra

Louisa Bracq - Albanach Wired Spacer Bra

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The Louisa Bracq spacer bra from the Albanach line revisits the 17th century Tartan pattern with a contemporary interpretation, giving a neoclassical metallic effect. The classic pattern is reinvented in a graphic and metallic version with perfect finishes.

Its breathable, soft and comfortable spacer mesh ensures comfortable wear all day long. The smooth, seamless and invisible padded guarantee a perfectly wrapped chest without additional volume.

Embroidery inserts add a touch of femininity while the anatomically shaped funnel back provides optimal support. The straps are stretchy and adjustable for a custom fit.

Composition: 79% Polyamide - 5% Polyester - 16% Elastane

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