Meet the Team

Theresa Del Biaggio

CEO & Founder, MSW, CMF

Theresa Del Biaggio, Clinical Social Worker; CEO, Professional Bra Fitter

Theresa Del Biaggio is the Founder of Bambolina's and well known as the "Boob Queen" among her friends and colleagues for her keen ability to look at women and determine the best size to try.  Theresa worked previously as a Clinical Social Worker in El Dorado County.  She was trained as an expert in treating complex trauma, using modalities such as EMDR and DBT to treat some of the most challenging cases of mental health deterioration in the area.  She loved her job, but realized that she was devoting far more time to her caseload than herself or other obligations, including her family.  During the scary times in the face of Covid-19, she found herself faced with some very big decisions, eventually moving on from the traditional grind of Social Work and therapy, and into a completely foreign world where retail would take on totally new meaning for her. 

Theresa can be found at the store on most days and she loves the opportunity to work with women in the community to help find them a perfectly fitted bra.  She also has certifications for professional mastectomy fitting, meaning she assists women who have had breast cancer with the task of finding bras and breast prosthesis following lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery.  She loves and appreciates the opportunity to support women through their personal journey with cancer and she hopes to do more to increase awareness, early detection and provide a safe and comfortable store where women from any background can come and feel safe and supported-literally. 

When Theresa is not working or trying to think of new ways to improve business opportunities, she can usually be found with her grand-daughters or her two "fur-babies", Jack and Rosie.  Theresa continues to do whatever she can to support women through their journey towards wholeness and healing, using Bambolina's as a platform to give back to her community in a meaningful way.


Meet Melissa

Marketing Director & Professional Bra Fitter

Melissa Wooten, Marketing Director & Professional Bra Fitter

Melissa is the newest member of the Bambolina's family, but she brings so much fun and enthusiasm to the team!  She was the lead singer in a popular local band, well-known graphic artist, and she inspires her online following with her amazing talent for voice overs and other creative social media content.  She is part of the "tiny house" nation, living in a small, but adorably decorated home in Auburn.  She and her husband love to spend time with their daughter hiking, enjoying outdoor activities, watching her dance in ballet, and story time at the library.  Melissa is very talented and her down to earth, hippy-chic style makes her a perfect fit for Bambolina's.  She is well liked for her enthusiasm, and she works very well with couples looking to add a little excitement back into the bedroom.  You'll find her at Bambolina's in the late afternoons and evenings mid-week.  

Meet Steffanie

Weekend Manager, Professional Bra Fitter

Steffanie Nelson, Weekend Store Manager, Professional Bra Fitter

Steffanie is our weekend warrior, but she is a BIG part of our team.  She has been on board since our early beginnings and her contribution to our mission has been a true blessing to our store and to the women in the community we aim to serve.  Steffanie is extremely knowledgeable working with extra petite women with small band sizes and larger cups and as a petite woman herself, she knows the challenges that present with finding a great fitting bra when your body does not conform to the typical average. 

Steffanie is always pleasant and kind, well known for her cheerful disposition and her innate ability to make anyone and everyone feel immediately comfortable.  She is a huge supporter of women in recovery, devoting her spare time to doing whatever she can to empower women from all backgrounds and walks of life who have struggled with substance use & addiction, sex trafficking & crimes against women & children.  There is so much to respect about Steffanie and her desire to make the world a better place.  You will find her at our store on weekends and the occasional weekday fill in. 

Meet Ashley 

Bra Fitter & TikTok Expert


Ashley is the newest member of our team, bringing mad skills to our small Bambolina’s work family!  She is one sharp cookie, with a keen eye for detail, with a strong sense of tenacity,  and an extremely kind and gentle disposition.  She has a strong corporate background and lots of bra fitting experience. We are so lucky to have her!

You’ll meet Ashley during the am-midday work week.  When Ashley isn’t at work, she enjoys sending time with her husband and sweet infant son.  She is an El Dorado Hills native and she enjoys the convenience and charm of living nearby.