Making a New Post-Mastectomy Fitting Appointment

Welcome to Bambolinas!  We are the first and ONLY provider in El Dorado county offering post mastectomy fitting, prosthesis & pocketed bras AND we are contracted with most major insurance carriers, allowing us to bill your healthcare for all your supplies & services!

if you have recently had surgery, your wounds must be healed before we can provide and bill for any new, silicone prosthetics or bras.  We can offer compression bras and temporary breast forms to help you while you are still healing.  

Once your incisions have healed and you are ready to be fitted for a more permanent option, we have a lot to choose from and our well-trained staff will work with you at your fitting appointment to find the best fit for your unique body type.  We take a very holistic approach to fitting you for a new breast prosthesis and we invite you to bring your support person to your appointment with you.  The most important part of any fitting is helping you to feel comfortable!  We are here to support you through the process!  You’ve been through a lot and you’re now part of an elite group of breast cancer warriors, but with that comes a lot of emotion at times and a new fitting appointment can feel intimidating and a little overwhelming.  There is no right or wrong way to attend a new fitting appointment and we will meet you wherever you are!  We’re 

If you have insurance and you want us to bill them on your behalf, there is process that we must adhere to, including the following;


1.  You must obtain a new prescription/order to dispense from your oncologist or primary care physician.  If you have a previous prescription, we can accept one that is signed within the last 90 days or less.  The prescription/order should have your name, date of birth, the diagnosis and code and the products we are fitting you for, the providers name, license number and wet signature.   If we receive an incomplete prescription, we can send your doctor a request after we have completed an intake/initial fitting appointment and determined the best options available for you.  
A blank Dispensing Order is also available under “Forms” on our website.

2.  A new patient intake form must be completed and signed with your wet signature.  The forms just one page and includes basic demographics, assignment of benefits, HIPPA, and a brief release of information allowing our team to communicate with your doctors office and anyone else that is an important part of your support system.  

3.  We will need a copy of your insurance card and any secondary insurance and a copy of your identification.

Most insurance carriers will require pre-authorization for post mastectomy bras and prosthesis.  This process is initiated by your doctor and is based on medical necessity. In most cases, authorization can be obtained within 30 days.  If you are a Kaiser member, you can initiate authorization on the patient portal through  You will need to request authorization to your primary doctor directly,  We can offer assistance if necessary.  We want the process to be smooth and for your needs ti be met quickly.  We will do what we can to ensure a seamless and stress free experience.  

Any concerns or questions can be directed to Bambolinas staff.