What to Expect at a Bra Fitting Appointment

If you’ve never had a professional bra fitting, you don’t know what you’re missing.  It’s a GAME CHANGER, even for women who think they’re too small for fit to matter.  When you find the RIGHT size, your bra will be comfortable, your breasts will be attractive and you’ll even look like you’ve thinned out in the mid-section.  

if you’re modest like many women and nervous about what to expect, you’re in really good company.  Think if your fitting like you would any other professional appointment.  Maybe you have reservations about coming in, but that feeling will be short lived, as it is for the hundreds of women we’ve helped find the right fitting bras!

When you arrive, you’ll be introduced to your bra fitter.  Your fitter has gone through several hours of training by one of the top medical bra and prosthesis companies in the world and she has done many additional trainings for post mastectomy prosthesis training and she is truly a pro!  Our staff have seen it all and we’re here to help you and we will if you let us!

The first step is to find your band measurement and cup size.  We do this two ways;  we can measure around your torso,starting at your sternum, around yoyr underbreast and to your spine. Next, we measure around the fullest portion of your breast in the same fashion.  For more experienced fitters, they may just look at your upper torso and breast area and know the size range you’ll likely be in without the need for formal measurements.  You can keep light clothing on during this process.  

Oftentimes, many women are very surprised to discover the measurements we’ve taken and it’s not unusual to feel apprehensive.  REMEMBER, you’ve come to a specialty bra store and we have bras made from all over the world.  Size matters and bras vary in size, even when they’re the same size.  Bras are also varied in size since most other countries use the metric system.  If you hear a band or cup size that you feel is grossly incorrect, we are more than happy to provide a comparison in whatever sizes you think will fit.  We just ask that you also try our recommendations and allow us to show you alternatives & options that you may not have chosen for yourself.  Ultimately, you decide which styles you want to buy, but your fitter has lots of experience and the more you trust the process, the more enjoyable it will be.

Our first priority is your comfort and for you to leave our store remind really good about your purchase so you’ll continue to be a loyal customer for many years to come!  

❤️ XOXO,