Amoena Custom Prosthesis

Amoena Custom Prosthesis

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As individual as you are!

Just as no two women are exactly alike, no two women have identical needs when it comes breast forms or shapers. If you have extensive scarring or an uneven chest wall you may struggle to get the ideal fit from an off-the-shelf prosthesis. As well as impacting your confidence, this can also affect the types of clothes you wear and the things you do.

If this sounds like you, the new Amoena Custom breast form from Amoena could be just what you’re looking for.

Your Custom-fit breast form will be created just for you, using the latest 3D scanning technology, and hand-crafted to your precise body measurements for a fit that’s close to perfect.

You can also further customize it with our unique additional features, to ensure it fits both you and your lifestyle.

Choose from:

  • Different weight options to suit your needs
  • A choice of skin tones
  • Comfort+ temperature-equalizing technology to reduce overheating and perspiration behind the form
  • AirChamber technology for volume adjustment in the event of weight fluctuation or lymphedema
  • Contact self-adhesive backing which allows the breast form to adhere directly to your chest wall for ultimate freedom.

Only 3 steps to your Amoena Custom breast form

The custom form is unique to your body -- an individual, made-to-your-specifications product, designed using a combination of 3D technology and handwork. Each one is made from extra soft and supple silicone that is very comfortable to wear. We want your custom form to feel completely natural.

1. The consultation

Your specially-trained Amoena Custom fitter will take the time to advise you in a detailed initial consultation. In this appointment, you'll first find a well-fitting bra that meets your needs. This is important so that the breast form can be measured for properly.

2. The 3D scan appointment

At this appointment, two upper body scans are taken using an innovative 3D scanner -- quickly and easily. The required information is transmitted to Amoena in compliance with data protection regulations, and the manual production of your custom breast prosthesis can begin.

3. Try on, ask questions, feel great

As soon as your Custom breast form has arrived at your medical supply store, the final appointment can take place. The fitting takes place in the bra in which the scan was carried out.

Your fitter will make sure you feel good in the new form, give you some care tips, and answer all your questions. Your Amoena Custom breast form is as individual as you are. You're ready to get back to living on your terms.


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