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Nessa Lingerie

Nessa Lingerie - Mamma Soft Beige Nursing Bra N019504

Nessa Lingerie - Mamma Soft Beige Nursing Bra N019504

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A bra of the soft type. The model is made of the best quality embroidery. The cup lined with cotton perfectly gathers and holds the bust, maintaining the natural shape of the breasts. Perfectly suited to medium and large breasts.

  • a cup has one horizontal and one vertical cut,
  • delicate and high quality embroidery,
  • cups lined with cotton,
  • sides made of elastic mesh of high grammage,
  • straps in two widths adjusted to the size (not removable),
  • additional elements matching the colour of the bra,
  • a chic touch is added by bows, also in the colour of embroidery, which adds a touch of elegance,
  • hooks in two widths (2x3) and (3x3) - three-stage regulation of the circumference.

The product is entirely made in Poland.

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