Wireless usually won’t cut it…. Here’s why.

Wireless usually won’t cut it…. Here’s why.

Every woman we fit wants a comfortable bra.  Most of us can relate to those bra wearing days when you get home after a long day and the first thing that comes off is that wired bra.  We fit women all the time who insist they’re done with wired bras for good and they’ve come to our specialty shop with the intent to make the switch.

Mosy assume specialty stores like our have a hidden wireless style that is the ONE-the game changer; the one that lifts, separated, doesn’t give uniboob and is supportive and comfortable.  The hopes for making the split are high and those on that mission know exactly what they want and they’ve come to us to find it and buy 5 in every color.  There’s just one, teensy, tiny problem with that———- there is no such thing as a supportive wireless bra.

i know what you’re thinking….. grab the torch and pitchfork down!  I am not trying to ruin your life by sharing this truth, I promise!  What I do want to do is offer the truth with the hope that it helps provide realistic expectations for what you can expect from your wireless search.  There are different types of wireless bras and how they’re constructed is something you’ll want to know so when you do find the “as close to perfect wireless bra you’ve been looking for, you’ll be ready to try it on!

The only wireless bra that I’ve ever seen do the job of lifting breasts that have lost their volume (aka sagging) is a bra that is heavily moulded.  There are also wireless styles with a mesh type “sling” in them and those are good too, but if you’re looking for lift, a bra that encapsulates your breasts is the ONE that will offer the best results in my opinion.  There is one downside to that particular style and that is, it’s basically an athletic/sports bra and it’s a lot of bra, with a much wider band, thicker straps and a larger moulded cup that is intended to hold you up and in during rigorous exercise.  If you’re looking for lift, this is the “one”.  If you’re looking for a cute, dainty style, this one probably won’t check those boxes.  Check out our Freedom Sports Bra for the wireless bra that does the heavy lifting and it’s available in 2 colors and a really wide range of sizes!  I love this bra for the women who is curvy, has lost her breast volume and wants a good wireless bra!  This one is a game changer, seriously!

If you’re hoping for a more traditional bra style without wire, I recommend being open-minded.  As I said before, the sling style will provide a little support but ultimately wireless bras are made for comfort and the larger your bust and the more you’ve lost lift or volume,  the more likely it is that you will not love the wireless option.  If you’re not as concerned about lift and support, a wireless bra is definitely the most comfortable option, but if you need support and are looking for comfort too, wireless probably won’t cut it, but the good news is, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with uncomfortable wired options!  Here’s a little secret, if your wired bra is uncomfortable, it probably doesn’t fit you correctly!  

Make an appointment for a bra fitting and we can help eliminate the uncomfortable wire issues you’re experiencing.  With thousands of bra styles to choose from, dozens of manufacturers, and a wide range of sizes from 30” bands to 46” bands and everything in between, we will be able to find a beautiful wired or non-wired bra that fits your body type perfectly, provided the support you want, and most importantly——- your bra will be comfortable and you can give up those days of running home after a long day and practically tearing your bra off!  

if we can’t find you a bra you love, it probably doesn’t exist!  

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