Armpit bulge….. the great dilemma

Armpit bulge….. the great dilemma

Ok I said it, ARMPIT bulge!  As a Professional Bra Fitter, I hear about this more than anything else in the fitting room and the truth is, ALL women hate it, but ALL women have it.  That’s right, even petite  women out there have it and they are just as self conscious about it.  We all have armpit fat?  But Why??  Well, you may not like the answer but it’s actually part of your breast tissue called “ancillary breast tissue” and the best way to combat the armpit boob bulge is to buy the correct fitting bra and as much as buying the right bra is important, wearing your bras correctly is equally important! 

The other option is surgery, but that’s costly, leaves unsightly scaring and that is a lot to rid yourself of a little bitty bulge.  

I know what you’re thinking, “I already have a drawer full of expensive bras and I still have armpit boobs when I wear them”.  The thing is, not every beautiful bra is the right bra for your exact body type and starting right now, we can help you lose the bulge for good with something as simple as a bra fitting appointment! And the best part, surgery is not required, just a few moments of your time and about $60-$80 for a new bra and there’s nothing like being pampered and doted over for a full bra fitting!  Complimentary cocktails and one bra expert, you’ll feel like a million bucks!  if you’re thinking about bypassing the fitting and loading up on more online bras, STOP!!  Remember this, you’re also supporting SMALL business when you forgo the convenience of online shopping AND the best part is, you’re getting the full package when you shop

small, including our personal investment into ridding you of your armpit boobs ;)

There are lots of bras out there promising smoothing, but NOTHING replaces the right fit with a professional bra fitter!  Ready to kiss those bulging pitties goodbye?  We are available and ready for your bra fitting appointment whenever you are!  This will be a game changer and we’re ready when you are!

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